Heteropyxis canescens

Heteropyxis canescens


Common Names

Forest Lavender Tree (english)
Boslaventelboom (afrikaans)
iNkunzana (swazi)


Genus Heteropyxis
Species canescens
SA Plant Number 454
Basionym Heteropyxis canescens


Heteropyxis canescens is a rare, hardy, small, semi-deciduous tree that occurs in forested ravines and riverine forests in a restricted area of Mpumalanga and Swaziland.

It has beautiful, sparkling, beige bark that flakes off in patches leaving attractive blotches.

The quite large, decorative leaves have interesting venation and smell of lavender when crushed. In autumn they put on a lavish show of red, purple and maroon.

The tree holds its leaves almost all winter and is truly beautiful. The small yellow-greenish flowers are borne in clusters at the end of branches from September to March and attract insects to the garden.

It grows best in moist conditions. This is a delightful tree for small spaces.

Plant close together in groves for a gorgeous effect, line a pathway or use as a single specimen in small areas. It also makes a great container plant.

Size 3 to 5m


Pollinating Insects:

The flowers attract pollinating insects to the garden.



Mpumalanga, Swaziland


Natural Habitat:

Along rivers and streams, Forested Ravines



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