Acacia nigrescens

Acacia nigrescens


Common Names

Knob Thorn (english)
Knoppiesdoring (afrikaans)
moritidi (n. sotho)
mokoba (tswana)
muunga (venda)
umkhaya (zulu)


Genus Acacia
Species nigrescens
SA Plant Number 178
Basionym Acacia nigrescens


Acacia nigrescens (=Senegalia nigrescens) is a hardy, small to large stately deciduous tree is characterised by its knob-studded grey or yellow trunk and branches. The hooked spine-tipped knobs are prevalent on young trees but are less evident on older specimens.

Sweetly-scented spikes of creamy-white flowers are produced from August to November. When in flower this tree is alive and humming with the multitude of insects and birds that feast on the pollen and nectar offered up. 

It is an important browse tree for game and generally indicates good ranching land.The graceful, tall canopy attracts Paradise Flycatchers and hole-nesting birds. It is the host plant of the Demon Emperor Butterfly.The wood is very hard and used extensively. 

It makes a good bonsai and container subject.It grows in a wide variety of soil types in full sun. 

Size: 5 to 18 metres


Insect food plant:

Excellent nectar and pollen plant for many insects and birds


An important browse tree for game animals

It is the host plant of the Demon Emperor Butterfly



Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal

Medium to low altitude woodland, Wooded Grassland


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