Cyperus textilis

Cyperus textilis

Common Names

Basket Grass (english)
Matjiesgoed (afrikaans)
umuzi (xhosa)


Genus Cyperus
Species textilis
SA Plant Number
Basionym Cyperus textilis


Cyperus textilis is a hardy, evergreen, tall sedge that forms clumps of bare, green stems topped with upright, flat, narrow, spiky bracts that radiate out like the ribs of an umbrella.

Delicate, inconspicuous, green flowers are carried above the bracts in late summer.Attracts many birds such as Weavers, Waders and other water birds.

This tough plant is traditionally used amongst the Nama to weave huts, mats and baskets. It makes an attractive form plant that grows in water or other damp places. 

Ideal for wetlands, water edges, bog gardens and the cleaning of grey water. Prune regularly to keep looking neat.

This Cyperus is a fast spreader and the rhizomes will cover an area rapidly.(It may need to be thinned out periodically.)

Plant in sun or semi-shade.

Size: 1.5 x 1m




KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape

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