Halleria lucida

Halleria lucida


Common Names

Tree-Fuchia (english)
Notsung (afrikaans)
Murevhe (venda)
Leloetsi (sesotho)


Genus Halleria
Species lucida
SA Plant Number 670
Basionym Halleria lucida


Halleria lucida is a hardy, evergreen, small to medium sized tree with attractive foliage and a graceful drooping habit. It bears orange or pale yellow tubular flowers which are borne from April to August.

The flowers are borne along the woody stems (not on young branches) and are laden with nectar. When in flower the tree buzzes with life – both birds (especially Sunbirds) and insects are attracted to the copious amounts of nectar.

These are followed by quite large round juicy fruits which attract fruit eating birds and are said to be sweet and edible.

This is a widespread tree that grows in many different habitats from deep forests to rocky cold mountain slopes. Usually a small tree or large shrub in colder areas but can reach 12m in forest situations.

Generally speaking the smaller the leaves the hardier the plant. It makes an excellent garden subject and is an important element of a wildlife garden.

Plant in sun or semi-shade. It has many medicinal and magical uses.

Size 2 to 12 m



The bark is rough and grooved and attracts Woodpeckers and Green Hoopoe who probe under it for insects.



The Tree Fuschia has many magical and medicinal uses. Children also love to suck the nectar from the flowers.


Versatile tree. Plant in rows to create a tall screen, small avenue or plant in a circular arrangement to create a grove or "fairy ring" and prune to desired height of foliage above ground to let light in or screen out.

Beautiful small to medium specimen tree if planted singly and pruned to expose rugged looking bark on the trunk of the tree.


North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State, KwaZulu Natal, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape


Natural Habitat:

In forests, along forest margins and rocky outcrops.



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