Bulbine natalensis Mini

Bulbine natalensis Mini

Common Names


Genus Bulbine
Species natalensis Mini
SA Plant Number
Basionym Bulbine natalensis Mini


Bulbine natalensis ‘Mini’ is a hardy, evergreen, miniature form of the robust, hardy, succulent plant ‘Bulbine natalensis’. This form is about a quarter of the size of the regular Bulbine natalensis, with narrow, short, fleshy leaves in a basal rosette. They are bright-green to almost yellow-green and look a little like a mini Aloe although they are quite soft.

Densely-packed, star-shaped, yellow flowers adorn the ends of long, flowering spikes throughout the year. They are held well above the leaves, attracting many small pollinating insects to the garden.

They make a pretty container plant. Apart from the size, the main difference between the regular form and this miniature form, is that this form suckers freely and creates attractive clumps.

It is ideal as a rockery, container or bedding plant in well-drained soil in semi-shade or shade.

Size: up to 15cm


Good pollen plant:
The flowers atttract many small pollinating insects to the garden


Small garden plant:
They make a pretty container plant for small gardens


KwaZulu Natal

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