Crassula cv 'Gollum'

Common Names

Gollum Jade Plant (english)


Genus Crassula
Specie cv 'Gollum'
SA Plant Number
Basionym Crassula cv 'Gollum'


Crassula cv ‘Gollum’ is a hairly hardy, evergreen, fast growing, compact, succulent shrub.A thick, robust, bonsai-like trunk that can become quite massive and has bark that ages to a greyish hue is a beautiful feature of this plant.The Gollum Jade Plant is known for its glossy, dark-green, tubular leaves that have concave suction-cup-like tips with red around the margins. The new growth is red.

Clusters of small, star-shaped, pinkish-white to white flowers are born in autumn and early winter, and attract pollinating insects and butterflies to the garden.

This plant has striking proportions and makes an attractive accent or sculptural plant.Plant in containers or as a feature plant in a succulent rockery.If it is damaged by severe frost it will shoot again quickly.If you overwater this plant it may rot and will be soft, with pieces that break off easily, ruining the effect of its beautiful shape.

This waterwise plant requires well-drained soil and full sun to partial light shade.

Size: 50 to 80cm



Its small star shaped flowers attract pollinating insects to the garden .

Butterfly plant:

butterflies love its small flowers


Container plant:

Plant in containers  in a succulent rockery garden .

Accent plant:

This plant has striking proportions and makes an attractive accent plant .

Feature plant:

Plant as a feature plant in a succulent rockery .



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