Aloe peglerae

Aloe peglerae

Common Names

Vuurpylaalwyn (afrikaans)
Red hot pokers (english)


Genus Aloe
Species peglerae
SA Plant Number
Basionym Aloe peglerae


Aloe peglerae is a very hardy, slow-growing, beautiful Aloe that occurs only on the Witwatersrand and Magaliesburg, but due to fires and the loss of habitat, it is now critically threatened. It has grey-green, toothed leaves that curve inwards making it look like a ball.

It blooms in July and August, bearing spikes of dull-red and yellow flowers with purple stamens. They are densely-packed, very large and robust. Bees and other insects are irresistibly attracted to the pollen and nectar of the flowers.

It requires minimal water as it normally grows on rocky ledges. Plant in amongst rocks or in very porous containers.

It requires well-drained soil and full sun. Keep dry in winter.

Size: 40 m


Good nectar plant:
 Insects are irresistibly attracted to the nectar of the flowers
Good pollen plant:
Bees love the pollen that the flowers produce


Container plant:
Plant in very porous containers


Gauteng, North West


Natural Habitat:
North facing rocky ridges



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