Kalanchoe sexangularis

Kalanchoe sexangularis

Common Names

Kalkoentjies, bosveldplakkie, rooiblaarplakkie (afrikaans)
bushveld kalanchoe, red-leaved kalanchoe (english)


Genus Kalanchoe
Species sexangularis
SA Plant Number
Basionym Kalanchoe sexangularis


Kalanchoe sexangularis is a hardy, evergreen, robust, drought-resistant succulent shrublet with attractive, broad leaves that fold lengthwise and curve towards the stem.

They turn ruby-red in winter and all year round if planted in full sun, adding colour to the garden. In semi-shade, the leaves tend to be green with bright red margins.

Small, yellow, tubular flowers are borne on an erect branched flowering stem from June to November, and make a beautiful contrast with the red leaves.  

The flowers attract tiny pollinating insects to the garden.

Planted en masse, this plant makes a splendid display. An easy plant for sun or semi-shade that requires little care.

Size: up to 1m





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