Eragrostis capensis

Eragrostis capensis

Common Names

Hartjiesgras (afrikaans)
Small Heart Seed Grass (english)
Umbhimbane (zulu)


Genus Eragrostis
Species capensis
SA Plant Number
Basionym Eragrostis capensis


Eragrostis capensis is a very hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, densely-tufted, small perennial grass. The blue-green, slender leaves have purple bases.

The flower spikes are held erect with plump, golden, heart-shaped spikelets from September to May.

This grass prefers growing in moist areas and is particularly pretty when grown around ponds. An attractive garden subject that will encourage seed-eating birds to visit the garden. 

A beautiful addition to a grassland garden, and one of the first grasses to green up after winter has passed. It is particularly beautiful when inter-planted with flowering bulbs.

As with all grasses it should be cut back once a year and raked to remove the thatch. Plant in sun or semi-shade in moist soil or in a normally-irrigated garden.

Size: up to 50 cm




Limpopo, N. West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Free State, N. Cape, E. Cape, W. Cape

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