Barleria prionitis delagoense

Barleria prionitis delagoense

Common Names

Porcupine Flower, Delagoa Bay barleria (english)


Genus Barleria
Species prionitis
Sub Specie delagoense
SA Plant Number
Basionym Barleria prionitis delagoense


Barleria prionitis subsp. delagoense is a fairly hardy, evergreen, fast-growing, drought resistant shrublet or groundcover with opposite pairs of bright green leaves. It bears beautiful, clear apricot flowers in the axils of the leaves.

These make a lovely show in the garden from as early as December, but mainly January to March. The flowers attract many pollinating insects, including butterflies to the garden.

Makes a lovely container plant or small shrub for the open garden. Prune back after flowering to encourage compact growth. Plant in well drained, compost rich soil and water regularly. Grows well in frost-free areas, in semi shade or sun.

Size: up to 1m



Stabilising soil:

Barleria species are exceptionally suitable for stabilizing soil erosion, landscaping water-wise gardens, rockeries and sunny areas in the garden.


KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga

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