Crassula falcata

Crassula falcata

Common Names

Propeller Plant (english)


Genus Crassula
Species falcata
SA Plant Number
Basionym Crassula falcata


Crassula falcata is a hardy, evergreen succulent with striking grey-green leaves. The pairs of sickle-shaped leaves arise from the plant stem in a flattened plane, reminiscent of an aeroplane's propeller - hence it's common name.

The tiny, brilliant vermillion to scarlet-red flowers are borne in a dense cluster, and provide wonderful colour in the garden in mid-summer. Sometimes they produce a second flush of flowers in late autumn. The flowers attract many pollinating insects to the garden.

An excellent plant for rockeries and containers as well as a roof-top garden. It will also provide lovely texture in a sparsely planted grassland garden.

Plant in very light shade or full sun, in well drained soil. Water sparingly in more humid areas and occasionally in drier climates. Reduce watering during winter. Remove dead flower heads to promote strong, sturdy growth. Prune back from time to time to maintain a bushy habit.

Size up to 60cm




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