Buddleja glomerata

Buddleja glomerata

Common Names

Karoo Sagewood, Sneezebush (english)
Karoo-salie, Hoesbos, Niesbos (afrikaans)


Genus Buddleja
Species glomerata
SA Plant Number 636.1
Basionym Buddleja glomerata


Buddleja glomerata is a very hardy, evergreen, large shrub or small tree with light brown, bark that peels in strings. The branchlets are light green and covered in white hairs. The silvery, quilted leaves are a beautiful feature and add colour and texture to a garden bed.

From September to March, the dense heads of yellow flowers are borne. Unusually for a Buddleja the flowers are not sweet smelling, although they still attract many insects, including bees and butterflies, to the garden.

Use as a small tree, focal point, windbreak, in a mixed border or as a hedge. Prune after flowering to keep it in shape.

Plant in well-composted soil in full sun. Once it is established it needs minimal water.

Size: up to 4m



Flowers attract many insects including bees and butterflies to the garden.



Free State, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape


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