Hypericum revolutum

Hypericum revolutum

Common Names

Kerriebos (afrikaans)
Curry Bush (english)


Genus Hypericum
Species revolutum
SA Plant Number 484
Basionym Hypericum revolutum


Hypericum revolutum is a hardy, evergreen, medium-sized to large, fast-growing, moisture-loving shrub with reddish-brown, scaly bark. The pretty, narrow, bright-green leaves are an attractive feature of this plant.

Its graceful arching branches carry large, cheerful, bright yellow flowers arranged neatly along the stem from summer through to autumn, with a few flowers for most of the year. After rain, it gives off a scent of curry.

Prune back to keep it looking neat. It prefers a moist, sunny part of the garden. The Curry bush is a pioneer plant and grows in thickets on forest margins where it is said to be nature’s firebreak as it does not burn well and protects the forest.

Although it grows well in semi-shade it needs to be pruned more regularly to keep in shape. Plant in well-composted soil and water regularly.

Size: up to 3m




Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, E. Cape

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