Scadoxus puniceus Tall Natal Form

Scadoxus puniceus Tall Natal Form


Common Names

Poeierkwas (afrikaans)
Paint Brush (english)
Umphompho (zulu)


Genus Scadoxus
Species puniceus
SA Plant Number
Basionym Scadoxus puniceus Tall Natal Form


This Tall Natal form of Scadoxus puniceus (formerly Haemanthus magnificus) is much taller, more robust and has larger flowers with a less intense red colour than our Highveld form.

It is a very hardy, deciduous, beautiful, bulbous plant that varies hugely in size, depending on where it comes from. The large, glossy leaves have wavy margins and are speckled at the base.

It bears a large inflorescence of red, powder-puff-like flowers on a long stem, which appears before the leaves, from July to October. The flowers can be up to 15cm across. The bright-red berries are a beautiful feature of this plant and are much sought after by birds. Sunbirds and Weavers are known to feed on the nectar.

The bulb is extensively used as a medicinal plant.

An excellent garden and container plant for full shade or semi-shade, that requires well-drained and well-composted soil. Do not disturb the bulbs unnecessarily as it can affect flowering.

Size: 40 to 70cm



Sunbirds and Weavers feed on the nectar of the flowers and the berries attract birds to the garden.



Natural Habitat:

Evergreen Forest, Forest margin, Forested Ravines, Woodland


Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal


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