Malephora purpureo-crocea

Malephora purpureo-crocea

Common Names

Copper Vygie (english)
Vingerkanna (afrikaans)


Genus Malephora
Species purpureo-crocea
SA Plant Number
Basionym Malephora purpureo-crocea


Malephora purpurea-crocea is a hardy, evergreen, spreading, succulent groundcover that has pale-green to blue-green, triangular leaves.

It bears the most beautiful, glistening coppery-orange flowers with a purple underside, which open in bright sunlight.  The flowers are borne en masse in spring, but there are some flowers on this lovely succulent all year round.

Attracts butterflies and bees.

Use it in dry areas in the garden, as they flourish with very little care, and will rot if overwatered.  Plant in a succulent bed, rockery or container.

Remove the dead flowers regularly to encourage further flowering.  Plant in full sun in very well-drained soil and water sparingly.

The dispersal of seeds in the Mesembryanthemaceae family is fascinating.  If you put a few drops of water on the top of the tough seed capsule it opens to disperse the seed.

In nature, this happens after rain has wet the capsule, giving the seeds a better chance at germination.  They always hold some seeds back, and when it dries out, the capsule closes, waiting for the next rain.

Size: 20cm




N. Cape and Karroo

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