Cyphostemma juttae

Cyphostemma juttae

Common Names

Wild Grape, Tree Grape, Namibian Grape (english)
droog-my-keel (afrikaans)


Genus Cyphostemma
Species juttae
SA Plant Number 456.1
Basionym Cyphostemma juttae


Cyphostemma juttae is a hardy, deciduous, short, thickset, succulent shrub.

It has a huge swollen trunk with yellow-green bark that peels off in whitish sheets. This is a strategy to reflect the heat away from the plant and keep it cool, as it grows naturally in very hot exposed positions. It has very attractive large, succulent, blue-green leaves.

Inconspicuous small greenish cream flowers are followed by bunches of decorative fruits that turn from bright red to purplish-black and resemble grapes from December to January.

It makes an unusual and stunning container plant – a real talking point.

This magnificent ornamental plant needs a warm sunny position in the rockery, where it should receive very little water in winter and not too much in summer. The soil should be light and loamy with sand added to improve drainage.

Size: Up to 2m




Striking, large feature plant for a hot, dry rockery. Also makes a stunning container plant.




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