Salvia namaensis

Salvia namaensis

Common Names

Klipsalie (afrikaans)
Nama Sage (english)


Genus Salvia
Species namaensis
SA Plant Number
Basionym Salvia namaensis


Salvia namaensis is a perennial, evergreen small shrub that is both drought and frost hardy.

It has fine, dissected little leaves that are lime green, tough and aromatic. They, as well as the young branches are covered in tiny little hairs. Young branches are reddish purple.

The small white to pale mauve flowers are borne in spring and summer. Many insects including bees and butterflies are attracted to the flowers.

Plant in full sun, in well composted, well drained soil. Lovely contrasting foliage for bold-leaved plants with the same growing conditions. Makes a good container plant, but prune fairly regularly.

Size to about 1m


The anthers are flexible where they join onto the filaments, which makes it easy for them to swivel and effectively deposit pollen on the heads of pollinators.



Western Cape, Eastern Cape

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