Dombeya rotundifolia

Dombeya rotundifolia

Common Names

Common Wild Pear (english)
Gewonedrolpeer (afrikaans)
Tshiluvhari (venda)
Molobare (tswana)
Unhliziyonkulu (zulu)
Mokgoba (n. sotho)


Genus Dombeya
Species rotundifolia
SA Plant Number 471
Basionym Dombeya rotundifolia


Dombeya rotundifolia is a very hardy, deciduous, drought and fire resistant, upright tree. It has round, leathery, rough leaves, and attractive, rough, fissured bark which is utilized by Woodpeckers.

This is one of the first trees to bloom in spring where it stands out on the bare hillsides in snowy white patches. Showy clusters of sweetly scented white flowers start blooming in profusion on the bare branches in July and continue well into September before the leaves appear. The flowers dry beautifully and can be used for pot potpourri.

It is a good bird, insect and butterfly tree. It has a non-aggressive root system which makes it an ideal tree for a small garden.

It is quite fast growing and can be planted in sun or semi-shade as a specimen tree or as an element of a wildlife garden. Used medicinally.

Size 3 to 5m.




Limpopo, North West Province, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal

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