Dais cotinifolia

Dais cotinifolia


Common Names

Pompon Tree (english)
Kannabas (afrikaans)
Intozane-Emnyama (zulu)


Genus Dais
Species cotinifolia
SA Plant Number 521
Basionym Dais cotinifolia


Dais cotinifolia is  a very hardy, fast growing, deciduous, small tree with attractive slightly blue green leaves.

In spring it has scattered pink leaves in the crown adding to the interest. It bears masses of very showy, fragrant pink, pom-pom like flowers that attract a whole host of birds and insects from November to February. It begins flowering whilst still young.

Popular garden subject for sun or semi-shade. Ideal for small gardens and containers.

The bark is used to make rope.

Size 2 to 7m


Nectar rich flowers:

Nectar rich flowers attract many butterflies and other pollinating insects. Insectivorous birds are in turn attracted to the tree when it is in flower.


Traditional uses:

The bark is used to make rope.


Beautiful addition to a small garden, where it can be part of an un-themed garden planting, a cpttage garden, bushclump garden or planted in containers.


Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Free State, Eastern Cape

Natural Habitat:

Forest and forest margins and on rocky hillsides. Also at high altitude


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