Aloe fosteri

Aloe fosteri


Common Names

Foster’s Aloe (english)


Genus Aloe
Species fosteri
SA Plant Number
Basionym Aloe fosteri


Aloe fosteri is a hardy, stemless Aloe with leaves that have a grey, powdery surface and white, almost “H-shaped” markings on the upper surface.

The blue-grey, branched flowering stalk bears brightly-coloured flowers, varying from yellow to orange and even scarlet. It blooms in March and April and, when in bloom and planted en masse it is a magnificent sight. Added to this are the many species of Sunbirds and insects that are continuously visiting the flowers.

This is an easy Aloe to grow and is not susceptible to the diseases that can plague some Aloe species.

A beautiful addition to a sunny area of the garden.

Size: 30cm


Nectar plant:

Many species of Sunbirds and insects  continuously visit the flowers.



Good form plant and a good addition to a large, sunny area of the garden.


Limpopo, Mpumalanga

Bushveld, Grassland


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