Anthericum saundersiae

Anthericum saundersiae

Common Names

Weeping Anthericum (english)


Genus Anthericum
Species saundersiae
SA Plant Number
Basionym Anthericum saundersiae


Anthericum saundersiae is a hardy, evergreen, clump forming, grass-like perennial that bears sprays of white flowers and seeds all year round.

It grows in sun or shade and this makes it a good plant for the difficult areas that are in shade for part of the year. Birds and a myriad of insects, including Carpenter Bees, are attracted to this plant and this makes it an important addition to a conservation garden.

Once or twice a year cut it back severely, you can use a weed eater for the job. A rewarding, easy plant that adds a sense of movement to the garden. Interplant with Crocosmia to create a seasonal splash of colour.

 Size 30 to 35cm




KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape

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