Clivia nobilis

Clivia nobilis

Common Names

Eastern Cape Clivia (english)
Boslelie (afrikaans)


Genus Clivia
Species nobilis
SA Plant Number
Basionym Clivia nobilis


Clivia nobilis is a hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, clump forming perennial with dark, strap-shaped leaves.

This slow growing but long lived plant sends out side shoots and can form large clumps.

The length of the leaves depends on the amount of light the plant gets and can thus vary from 30cm in light shade up to 60cm in deep shade. The flowering stalks are held above the leaves and carry a multitude of delicate pendulous tubular, orange flowers with green tips.

It flowers from April. to August. and then bears decorative, fleshy berries that remain on the plant until it starts flowering again. As it is shallow rooted it requires regular mulching with compost.

It is beautiful planted under trees and also makes a great container plant. Birds relish the berries.

Size up to 60cm




Eastern Cape


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