Clivia gardenii

Clivia gardenii

Common Names

Major Garden's Clivia (english)
Herfs-Boslelie (afrikaans)
umayime (zulu)


Genus Clivia
Species gardenii
SA Plant Number
Basionym Clivia gardenii


Clivia gardenii is a hardy, fairly slow growing perennial with dark, strap-shaped leaves.

It sends out side shoots to form quite large clumps. It bears, on long flowering stalks, a head of beautiful, slender orange tubular flowers with green tips that are pendulous.

A wonderful sight when it blooms en masse from June to September. Decorative, fleshy red berries will persist on the plant until the next flowering season.

As it is a shallow rooted forest plant, it requires well-drained soil and regular mulching with compost.

It is beautiful planted under trees and also makes a great container plant. Birds relish the berries.

Size Up to 60cm


Wildlife gardening:

Birds love the fleshy seed coverings.


  • Great container plant for shaded areas and indoors
  • Plant under trees in well drained soil
  • Beautiful addition to a forest garden


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape


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