Zantedeschia pentlandii

Zantedeschia pentlandii

Common Names

Yellow or Golden Arum Lily (english)


Genus Zantedeschia
Species pentlandii
SA Plant Number
Basionym Zantedeschia pentlandii


Zantedeschia pentlandii is a very hardy, deciduous perennial with big narrowly oval heart-shaped leaves. It has one distinctive large, bright, lemon yellow cone-shaped petal with a dark purple spot at the base. It has a central column which carries the tiny flowers and the yellow pollen. 

 The flowers are borne in Nov. and Dec. and attract insects to the garden. Plant in sun or shade in a cottage garden, in and around a pond, in containers and in rockeries. It also makes a beautiful cut flower.  

The flowers develop into a dense mass of small, fleshy fruits that are relished by birds. Porcupine and pigs eat the underground tubers. 

 Size up to 60cm





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