Cunonia capensis

Cunonia capensis

Common Names

Red Alder (english)
Rooiels (afrikaans)
Umaphetu (zulu)
Umqwashube (xhosa)


Genus Cunonia
Species capensis
SA Plant Number 140
Basionym Cunonia capensis


Cunonia capensis is a hardy, evergreen, fast growing, small to medium sized tree.

The beautiful compound leaves have red petioles and large, red, spoon-shaped stipules that give the tree an overall reddish look and make this a beautiful foliage plant.

It blooms profusely with white, sweetly scented, upright ‘bottlebrush’ flowers from February to May that attract a myriad of insects and butterflies. The fruit attracts birds to the garden.

A handsome tree and good garden subject, which needs a cool, moist area. Suitable for containers. It makes a lovely indoor plant as well.

In harsher conditions or rocky areas it stays shrubby and small.

Size 5 to 8m



Container and Indoor Plant:

Good container plant.

Suitable for use as an indoor plant


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape

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