Pelargonium gibbosum

Pelargonium gibbosum

Common Names

Gouty Pelargonium, Arthritic pelargonium (english)


Genus Pelargonium
Species gibbosum
SA Plant Number
Basionym Pelargonium gibbosum


Pelargonium gibbosum is a hardy bushy shrublet with attractive slightly succulent blue-green leaves that is dormant in summer.

It flowers profusely in winter with umbels of yellow flowers, which is an unusual flower colour for Pelargonium species.

The flowers are strongly scented at night.

This unusual plant develops a thick swollen base which is attractive particularly when planted in containers, but because of the root system needs to be a fairly large container.

It is called Gouty Pelargonium because of the swollen nodes along the stems.

Plant in well drained, sandy soil and take care not to overwater in summer as it is from the Western Cape and therefore winter growing.

Size 30 to 50cm




Western Cape

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