Celtis africana

Celtis africana

Common Names

White Stinkwood (english)
Witstinkhout (afrikaans)
mothibadifate (n. sotho)
mumvumvu (xhosa)
umvumvu (zulu)


Genus Celtis
Species africana
SA Plant Number 39
Basionym Celtis africana


Celtis africana is a very hardy, deciduous, graceful, drought resistant, large tree.

The bark of this fast growing tree is smooth, silvery grey and the tree is beautifully shaped so that when it is leafless it makes a wonderful sculptural feature in the garden especially when the sun shines on it.

The new foliage in spring is the palest green and absolutely amazing. The leaves turn yellow on the edges in the run up to autumn then yellow and drop off.

The inconspicuous flowers appear from August to October. It is a host plant to butterflies and moths and many birds are attracted to its small yellow berries that are produced prolifically in summer.

It is an excellent garden and wildlife tree with many traditional, magical and medicinal uses.

Size 10 to 30m




Limpopo, North West Province, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State, KwaZulu Natal, Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape


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