Diascia integerrima Pink

Diascia integerrima Pink


Common Names

Twinspur (english)
Pensies (afrikaans)


Genus Diascia
Species integerrima
Variegata Pink
SA Plant Number
Basionym Diascia integerrima Pink


Diascia integerrima pink is a very hardy, bushy, evergreen, drought resistant, perennial groundcover, with fine narrow leaves.

It bears masses of pretty pink flower spikes from November to May that attract insects to the garden.

It prefers to grow in full sun but will tolerate partial or light shade.

It requires well-drained, compost rich, moist soil. Prune regularly after flowering to ensure an extended flowering time. Perfect as a border, an element of a colourful cottage garden or grassland garden.

Size 25 to 30cm


Pollinator specific adaptation of flowers:

Diascia species, or "Twinspurs" have evolved specifically to engage the services of Oil Bees (Rediviva species) in pollinating them. The two spurs do not hold nectar but rather oil and this is absorbed by hairs on the legs of the Oil Bee females when they visit the flowers. As their legs are inserted into the spurs, so the bee is in a perfect position to very effectively collect pollen from or deposit pollen on the Diascia flowers. The Oil Bee females take the oil back to their brood chamber, where they feed the oil to their young and any remaining oil is used to line the brood chamber. The Twinspur flowers have even gone so far and to have developed spurs that are specifically shaped to accomodate a particular species of Oil Bee / Rediviva bee.



Perfect as a border, an element of a colourful cottage garden or a grassland garden. A good container plant as well.


KwaZulu Natal, Free State, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape

Natural Habitat:

On cliffs and rocky areas, near small streams


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