Barleria repens Rosea

Barleria repens Rosea

Common Names

Small Bush Violet (english)


Genus Barleria
Species repens
Variegata Rosea
SA Plant Number
Basionym Barleria repens Rosea


Barleria repens rosea is a fairly hardy, evergreen, small, herbaceous, clump forming shrublet or groundcover with glossy, dark green leaves.

It blooms profusely with gorgeous, bright cerise flowers in autumn and a few flowers all year round.

It grows well in sun or shade. The flowers attract insects to the garden. Prune lightly after flowering.

This colourful plant is beautiful planted at the base of small trees or in amongst smaller grasses for a more natural look. It also makes a wonderful container plant. Plant in well-drained, compost rich soil and mulch well.

Size 20 to 40cm




KwaZulu Natal

KwaZulu Natal


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