Bolusanthus speciosus

Bolusanthus speciosus

Common Names

Tree Wisteria (english)
Vanwykshout (afrikaans)
Mukambana (venda)
Motsokophala (tswana)
umHolo (zulu)
Mogaba (n. sotho)


Genus Bolusanthus
Species speciosus
SA Plant Number 222
Basionym Bolusanthus speciosus


Bolusanthus speciosus is a hardy, graceful, briefly deciduous, drought resistant tree with graceful grey-green almost weeping foliage.

The huge, pendulous bunches of beautiful mauve pea-like flowers that are born in September and October are truly spectacular. Its wonderful weeping shape and attractive glistening foliage make it an ideal avenue tree.

Initially it may be a little slow growing but is very worthwhile. An excellent choice for smaller gardens. Protect from frost when young. This tree prefers a sunny hot position.

The Tree Wisteria is one of our most beautiful indigenous trees.

Size: 4 to 7m


Monkeys, gemsbok, giraffe and the grey duiker, all eat the pods and leaves


The roots are used medicinally for stomach problems and the inner bark is used for stomach cramps.

The wood, which is highly sought after by carpenters, makes excellent furniture. It works well on a lathe, turning out beautiful lampshades and other articles. The straight growing stems are very hard, termite resistant and used for fencing posts.


Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal

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