Pelargonium cucculatum

Pelargonium cucculatum

Common Names

Wildemalva (afrikaans)


Genus Pelargonium
Specie cucculatum
SA Plant Number
Basionym Pelargonium cucculatum


Pelargonium cucculatum is a hardy, evergreen fast growing shrub is the parent of many of the modern hybrid Pelargoniums. 

It has attractive round to kidney shape quilted leaves that are sweetly scented when crushed. 

The large pink, purple and sometimes even white flowers with dark markings on the petals are borne en masse from August. to February. and have a faint perfume.

The flowers attract sunbirds and many insects to the garden.

This sprawling shrub needs regular pruning. It is best planted en masse or amongst other shrubs where it will show off it beautiful flowers to great effect.

Grows in sun or semi shade.

It also makes a good cut flower and has many medicinal uses.

Size up to 1.5m




Western Cape 

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