Pavetta lanceolata

Pavetta lanceolata


Common Names

Weeping Brides Bush (english)
Treurbruidsbo (afrikaans)
Tshituku (venda)
Gololembuzi (zulu)
Umhleza (xhosa)


Genus Pavetta
Species lanceolata
SA Plant Number 718.1
Basionym Pavetta lanceolata


Pavetta lanceolata is a hardy, small, evergreen shrub or small tree with attractive dark foliage. Spectacular, large clusters of pure white, pincushion-like flowers with long protruding stamens are borne from October to January and are strongly scented.

The plant bears so many flowers that you cannot see the leaves. Add to this the fact that butterflies and many other insect species are irresistibly drawn to them.

They are followed by small, black berries that also attract fruit eating birds to the garden. Use as a single small tree, plant in groves or create a beautiful hedge and screen.

This plant is attractive as a foliage plant, making for year round beauty. Plant in sun or semi-shade in well composted soil.

Size: up to 3m


Nectar rich flowers:

Nectar rich flowers attract a host of insects including butterflies and, in turn, their predators (such as other insects, spiders and insectivorous birds).

Fruit for birds:

Many frugivorous birds eagerly feast on the fruit of the Weeping Bride's Bush.



Beautiful specimen small tree or shrub. Prune lower branches for good effect as a small tree.

Grow a number of them as a beautiful flowering hedge. If left unpruned, it is an effective screen against wind in larger properties

Stunning container plant


Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal,  Eastern CapeNatural Habitat:

Bushveld, Forest margin, Open Bushveld, Riverine fringes



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