Bauhinia bowkeri

Bauhinia bowkeri

Common Names

Kei bauhinia, Kei White Bauhinia (english)
Keibeesklou (afrikaans)
Umdlandlovu (xhosa)


Genus Bauhinia
Species bowkeri
SA Plant Number 208.4
Basionym Bauhinia bowkeri


Bauhinia bowkeri is a hardy, semi-deciduous, scrambling shrub or small tree with bright green, glossy bi-lobed leaves that look like butterfly wings.

It bears big, frilly white flowers that are sweetly scented from October to December. This plant is spectacular when in flower. Plant in sun or semi-shade in well-drained soil.

They look wonderful in an informal hedge, as a backdrop or low screen or climbing up trees giving a real forested feel. It can be pruned into a standard to create a beautiful small tree.

Other than this, it is a plant for the larger garden. It is favoured by small birds for nesting.

Size 3 to 6m




KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape

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