Freylinia tropica Blue

Freylinia tropica Blue


Common Names

Blue Honeybell Bush (english)
Blouheuningsklokkiebos (afrikaans)


Genus Freylinia
Species tropica
Sub Specie Blue
SA Plant Number 670.3
Basionym Freylinia tropica Blue


Freylinia tropica "Blue" is a very hardy, evergreen, slender shrub that has spreading branches, smooth grey bark and shiny, bright green leaves.

It blooms profusely in late winter when little else is flowering but does bear some bright blue flowers throughout the year.

It makes a good screen plant and can be clipped into a formal hedge or used in an informal hedge. It also makes a beautiful container plant.

It grows in sun or semi-shade.

Attracts insects and butterflies to the garden.

Size 1 to 3m


Pollinating Insects:

The flowers attract pollinating insects (particularly carpenter bees and honeybees) and butterflies to the garden.



Natural Habitat:

Along rivers and streams, Forest margin



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