Erythrophysa transvaalensis

Erythrophysa transvaalensis

Common Names

Bushveld Red Balloon (english)
Bosveldrooiklapperbos (afrikaans)
mofalatsane (tswana)


Genus Erythrophysa
Species transvaalensis
SA Plant Number 436.2
Basionym Erythrophysa transvaalensis


Erythrophysa transvaalensis is a rare, hardy, semi-deciduous, drought resistant shrub or small tree is mostly multi-stemmed.

It has lovely silvery-green foliage that glistens in the sun. The spikes of unusual red and green flowers are borne in September and October on bare branches or with just a few delicate leaves.

The flowers are constantly visited by Sunbirds. These are followed by beautiful, huge red balloon like seed cases with large black seeds that adorn the tree for most of the year.

The balloon-like seed cases are the mechanism to distribute the seeds. They will float away from the mother plant when it rains and deposit their seeds further afield.

Plant in sun or semi-shade.

Size Up to 5m




Limpopo, N. West, Gauteng


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