Dodonaea viscosa angustifolia

Dodonaea viscosa angustifolia


Common Names

Sand Olive (english)
Sandolien, ysterbos (afrikaans)
mutata-vhana (venda)
mutepipuma (shona)


Genus Dodonaea
Species viscosa
Variegata angustifolia
SA Plant Number 437
Basionym Dodonaea viscosa angustifolia


Dodonaea viscosa var angustifolia is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, fast growing, multi-branched shrub with attractive light green leaves. 

 It flowers from May to September with insignificant greenish-white flowers. These are followed by attractive, inflated, winged, dark pink, papery seeds. 

 This decorative shrub for the garden is an ideal, fast growing plant for windbreaks and screening and is also used to stabilize sandy soil. 

It prunes well and makes an attractive formal hedge. It is a useful nurse plant for helping to establish plants that may not be very hardy. 

 Grows in most types of soil including rocky soils as well. Used medicinally. 

Size 2 to 7m


Pollen rich flowers:

The small green flowers attract many pollinating insects, which, in turn, attract many species of insectivorous birds.



Versatile plant for:

  • Windbreaks and screening.
  • Clipped large hedge, or prune into a small tree.
  • Also used to stabilize sandy soil.


Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape , Northern Cape, Western Cape

Natural Habitat:

Forest margins, riverbanks, in open woodland and scrub.


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