Canthium inerme

Canthium inerme

Common Names

Turkey-berry (english)
Bosdoringklipels (afrikaans)
mmutšwa-o-sepela (n. sotho)
muvhibvela-sha ani (venda)
umnyushulube (xhosa)
umvuthwamini (zulu)


Genus Canthium
Species inerme
SA Plant Number 708
Basionym Canthium inerme


Canthium inerme is a hardy, evergreen large shrub or small tree with bright green leaves.

It has white flowers from August to January which often appear with the new leaves in spring. They are followed by glossy, black berries.

The berries look like antelope droppings but are edible and much sought after by birds. It is also the host plant of the Natal Bar butterfly.

This glossy spiny shrub makes a good addition to a security hedge and can also be pruned into a formal hedge. A good element of bush clumps.

Plant in sun or semi-shade.

Size 4 to 7m




Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape


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