Acacia tortilis

Acacia tortilis

Common Names

Haak-En-Steek (afrikaans)
Umbrella Thorn (english)
Muunga-khanga (venda)
Mosu (tswana)
Umsasane (zulu)


Genus Acacia
Species tortilis
SA Plant Number 188
Basionym Acacia tortilis


Acacia tortilis (=Vachellia tortilis) is a hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, slow growing umbrella-shaped Acacia. It bears abundant, fragrant, white, puffball flowers from November to January followed by distinctive curled pods that rattle in the wind.

All parts of this tree are nutritious. It has both hooked and straight thorns making it perfect habitat for nesting birds. The bark is deeply fissured and when the lichens develop on it, it is really beautiful.

This is the typical Acacia associated with the African Savannah. It is a little slow growing but worth the wait as it develops a beautiful umbrella shape.

It is an indicator of sweet veld and has a preference for deep soils. It can also be planted in smaller gardens as it rarely grows into a very big tree.

Attracts birds and butterflies to the garden.

Size 1 to 15m


Larval host plant to butterfly and moth species



Limpopo, North West Province, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State, KwaZulu Natal, Northern Cape


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