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  1. Stipa dregeana

    Stipa dregeana is a hardy, evergreen, attractive, fast-growing tufted grass with bright-green leaves that stay green throughout the winter. The long, finely- branched, flowering stems with small golden seeds adorn this grass all year round.

    Lovely when grown near a pond or water garden, where it adds an ethereal feel with its slender stems swaying in the wind. Attracts seed-eating birds to the garden. It is the host plant to various butterfly species. Stipa grass makes a good garden subject as it looks ornamental all year round. Occurs naturally in moist places in forests and looks beautiful growing under trees.

    As with all grasses it should be cut back in late winter and raked to keep it healthy. Plant in sun, semi-shade or shade.

    Size 0,5 to 1,2m