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  1. Pelargonium graveolens

    Pelargonium graveolens is a hardy, evergreen shrub with large, velvety leaves that are strongly rose-scented. It bears showy, pinkish-white umbels of attractive flowers peaking in August to January. Attracts insects to the garden.

    Geranium oil is produced from the fragrant leaves. The leaves can also be used to line cake baking tins to impart their flavour to the cake. Leaves can also be added to cordials for a pleasant taste. The beautiful leaves last well in a vase.

    This many-branched shrub adds texture and fragrance to the garden and can be used in mixed borders and in a cottage style garden. Attractive when planted in containers and large hanging baskets.

    Plant in well-drained, moist soil in semi-shade and prune to keep in shape.

    Size: up to 1m

  2. Rhoicissus digitata

    Rhoicissus digitata is a hardy, evergreen, robust, woody climber that has attractive foliage. The three or five-partite glossy leaves have russet colored new growth and tendrils for climbing. It can climb up to 10 meters or more or make a mounding shrub about 1.5

  3. Senecio serpens

    Senecio serpens is a hardy, evergreen, succulent perennial that branches from the base and roots wherever the stems touch the ground. Fleshy blue-grey, cylindrical, long, finger-like leaves are held pointing upwards, and are spirally arranged around the stems.

    Small, insignificant, white flowers arise at the tips of the stems in spring.

    Makes a good container plant and is a wonderful plant to use for colour and textural contrast in most parts of the garden.

    Plant in sun or semi-shade in well-drained soil.

    Size: 25 to 60cm

  4. Senecio tamoides Variegated

    Senecio tamoides 'Variegated' is a hardy, semi-succulent climber that grows in semi-shade or sun. It is evergreen and has lovely glossy, subtle pale-yellow, and green large leaves.

    Huge flower heads of bright yellow daisy-like flowers are borne from March to July, are sweetly scented and attract insects to the garden.

    Used medicinally.

    It makes a beautiful container plant and is beautiful cascading over retaining walls or create a gorgeous climber. Once a year, they should be pruned lightly to keep them looking neat and tidy.

    This easy beautiful plant is best planted in semi shade.

    Size: Up to 4 meters