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  1. Dioscorea dregeana

    Dioscorea dregeana is a fairly hardy, vigorous, deciduous climber that has long angular stems. The beautiful large leaves are carried on slender stalks giving the plant a weeping habit.

    The male flowers are green, and the female flowers are white, each borne on separate plants. When the seed pods open, they reveal blue seeds. A decorative plant that is beautiful climbing up a trellis and also makes a decorative pot subject.

    Plant in sun or semi-shade, in well drained, well composted soil.

  2. Thunbergia alata

    Thunbergia alata is a hardy, evergreen, twining climber that has attractive, bright-green, heart-shaped leaves.

    Throughout the year, but particularly in summer and autumn, it produces masses of orange, trumpet-shaped flowers with a dark, purple-brown tube.

  3. Ipomoea albivenia

    Ipomoea albivenia is a fairly hardy, deciduous climber with thick, glossy, grey-green, heart-shaped leaves that are velvety white when young.

    It has large solitary, trumpet-shaped, scented, white flowers in February and March.

    The flowers open at night which means it is probably moth pollinated. The fruit is a woody capsule that bursts open to release the beautiful cotton wool-covered seeds giving it a second ‘flowering’ season.

    Plant in full sun or semi-shade in very well-drained soil. Beware of over-watering.

    Size climbs up to 4m