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  1. Bersama lucens

    Bersama lucens is a fairly hardy, evergreen, small, compact tree with a well-developed crown and beautiful blotchy, wrinkled, grey bark.

    The young leaves are a brilliant glossy russet brown, turning dark green when mature.

    The small greenish white flowers, in long narrow heads, appear from September to June and are followed by green capsules that split to reveal scarlet seeds that attract birds.

    The bark is sought after in traditional medicine and this species is becoming increasingly rare.

    It is a beautiful, decorative tree for a shady to semi-shady part of the garden.

  2. Bulbine inflata

    Bulbine inflata is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, robust, succulent plant with fleshy leaves forming a basal rosette. Large, sweetly scented, yellow flowers are held in a densely packed head at the end of a flowering stem from October to February, although, in cultivation, there are some flowers throughout the year.

    These are followed by attractive inflated seeds that look like bubbles.

    This plant appears on the SANBI Red List of South African Plants, as wild populations of this plant are threatened with habitat loss.

    Ideal as a rockery or bedding plant.

    The combination of Bulbine inflata and Felicia amelloides makes a stunning display for most of the year. They also make a great addition to a grassland garden.

    They attract insects and butterflies to the garden.

    Plant in well-drained soil in full sun.

    Size 30 to 40cm

  3. Barleria greenii

    Barleria greenii is a very hardy, deciduous, spiny, small shrub. It has masses of gorgeous, huge pink, Petunia-like flowers in summer.

    They are sweet smelling at night which suggests that they are moth pollinated and have copious nectar that attracts Carpenter Bees and other insects to the garden.

    A beautiful garden plant that is stunning when planted in groups. Rare in cultivation.

    Plant in full sun but it can also tolerate partial shade. Prune back in winter to ensure masses of flowers in summer.

    Size 30 to 80cm