South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Aloe cooperi

    Aloe cooperi

    Cooper’s Aloe, isiputumane

    Aloe cooperi is a very hardy, stemless Aloe with long, narrow, yellow-green leaves arranged in a fan shape and distinctively keeled with white spots beneath. It has spikes of apricot or yellow coloured, tubular flowers from December to March. The flowers attract nectar feeding birds such as Sunbirds...
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  • Aponogeton distachyos

    Aponogeton distachyos

    Waterblommetjie; Wateruintjies, Cape Pondweed

    Aponogeton distachyos is a fast growing aquatic herb with glossy oblong leaves that float on the waters surface.  Sweetly scented, edible flowers stand up out of the water above the leaves, attracting attention. The flower is interesting in that it is a forked inflorescence bearing tiny, whit...
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  • Aristea ecklonii

    Aristea ecklonii

    Blue Stars, Blousterre, umhushuza

    Aristea ecklonii is hardy, evergreen, clump-forming, perennial bulbous plant with narrow, strap-like, slightly pleated leaves that are carried in a fan. It bears flowering stems of amazing pale to deep mauve-blue flowers from August to March. There is a white flowered form grown at Random Harvest nu...
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  • Berula erecta

    Berula erecta

    Giant Water Parsnip, Tandpynwortel, ibophwani

    Berula erecta is a hardy, evergreen plant, easy to grow in marshy areas. It has attractive, bright-green, upright, fern-like foliage. It flowers from December to March and it bears heads of many delicate, white flowers that are approximately 60 to 80mm in diameter that make good cut flowers. The fl...
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  • Crinum campanulatum

    Crinum campanulatum

    Water Crinum, Vleilelie

    Crinum campanulatum is a hardy, evergreen or deciduous, clump-forming, rare, bulbous plant with narrow strap-shaped, bright green leaves. This plant grows in water or waterlogged soils and can be seasonally dry. It bears magnificent, clusters of trumpet-shaped, cerise flowers in spring and summer. ...
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  • Cyperus  alternifolius flabelliformis

    Cyperus alternifolius flabelliformis

    Umbrella Sedge

    Cyperus alternifolius subsp. is a hardy, evergreen, medium-sized sedge that forms large clumps.Long, green stems are topped with a circle of flat green bracts. The clusters of brown flowers stand out above the green bracts in summer.Attracts many birds such as Weavers, Waders and other water bird...
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  • Cyperus albostriatus

    Cyperus albostriatus

    White-striped Sedge

    Cyperus albostriatus is a hardy, evergreen sedge with its tuft of basal leaves. The bare stem carries a terminal umbrella of what look like bright-green, grass-like leaves with a faint white stripe. These are actually bracts from which the flowers are borne. A spray of delicate green flowers that t...
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  • Cyperus alternifolius

    Cyperus alternifolius

    Umbrella Sedge

    Cyperus alternifolius is a hardy, evergreen, medium sized sedge with a long green stem topped with a circle of flat green bracts at the end of each stem. The clusters of brown flowers stand out above the green bracts in summer. Ideal for water edges, wetland gardens and the cleaning of grey water. ...
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  • Cyperus alternifolius nana

    Cyperus alternifolius nana

    Miniature Umbrella Sedge

    Cyperus alternifolius nana is a hardy, evergreen, miniature sedge with a green stem topped with a circle of flat green bracts at the end of each stem. The clusters of brown flowers stand out above the green bracts in summer. Ideal for water edges, and wetland gardens. Prune regularly to keep it loo...
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  • Cyperus laevigatus

    Cyperus laevigatus

    Smooth Flat Sedge, Rivierkweek

    Cyperus laevigatus is a hardy, evergreen, water loving sedge with bright green stems and two leaf-like bracts at the tip. It bears attractive spikelets at the tip of the stem that vary in colour from green, reddish brown to dark brown almost all year round. This is a cosmopolitan species that grows ...
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