South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Rapanea melanophloeos

    Rapanea melanophloeos

    Cape Beech, Boekenhout, Beukehout, Tshikonwa, IsiCalabi, umaPhipha, iKhubalwane, isiQalaba sehlati, isiQwane sehlati, iGcolo, udzilidzili

    Rapanea melanophloes is a hardy, small to medium sized, evergreen tree with dark leaves that have a purplish cast to them. It also has really attractive bark. The small greenish-white flowers from May to July attract insects and bees. These are followed by small purple fruits that are borne in prof...
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  • Raphionacme  velutina

    Raphionacme velutina

    Raphionacme velutina is a very hardy, deciduous, multi-stemmed herbaceous plant with weakly-erect stems arising from a large, tuberous caudex, which is sometimes flattened. The small, elongated, hairy, grey-green leaves are folded upwards in well-spaced, opposite pairs. In spring and summer, it bear...
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  • Rauvolfia caffra

    Rauvolfia caffra

    Quinine Tree, Kinaboom, Monadi, Muņadzi, UmHlambamanzi, umKhadluvungu, umJelo, umThundisa

    Rauvolfia caffra is a hardy, evergreen to briefly deciduous, upright tree with beautiful large, glossy drooping, lanceolate leaves. The trumpet-shaped, small, white flowers are carried in clusters at the end of the branches from May to October and are sweet smelling, attracting swarms of bees as wel...
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  • Rhamnus prinoides

    Rhamnus prinoides

    African Dogwood, Camdeboo Stinkwood, Glossy-leaf, Blinkblaar, Camdeboostinkhout, umGlindi, Umlindi, umGilindi, uNyenye, umHlinye, liNyenye, Mofifi

    Rhamnus prinoides is a very hardy, evergreen, very fast growing, large shrub with beautiful glossy almost mirror-like leaves. The small inconspicuous greenish-yellow flowers are borne all year round and attract insects.  The black berries which follow provide food for fruit eating birds al...
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  • Rhoicissus tomentosa

    Rhoicissus tomentosa

    Common Forest Grape, Bosdruif, khundwi, moaparo, isinwazi

    Rhoicissus tomentose is a hardy, evergreen, robust, woody climber with rough, greyish-brown bark. The ornamental, almost circular to kidney-shaped, dark-green leaves are interspersed with velvety tendrils.  The young leaves are hairy and a rich copper or purple colour while the old leaves turn ...
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  • Rhoicissus tridentata

    Rhoicissus tridentata

    Bushmans Grape, Bosmansdruif, isinwasi, isaoni

    Rhoicissus tridentata is a very hardy, deciduous, fast-growing, drought-resistant, vigorous climber or scrambling shrub with attractive, dark-green foliage that turns red in autumn. The small, greenish-yellow flowers are borne in tight clusters on a densely-hairy inflorescence from November to April...
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  • Rhus burchellii

    Rhus burchellii

    Karroo Kuni-bush, Karookoeniebos, motshôtlhô

    Searsia [=Rhus] burchellii is a very hardy, evergreen, large shrub with dark-brown bark and small, glossy, waxy leaves. The foliage is beautiful and adds texture to the garden.It flowers from February to April, with sprays of inconspicuous flowers. Male and female flowers are on separate plants, the...
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  • Rhus chirindensis

    Rhus chirindensis

    Red Currant, Bostaaibos, Muvhadela-Phanga, Umhlabamvubu, Umhlakothi

    Rhus (Searsia) chirindensis is a hardy, deciduous, fast growing tree that is sometimes multi-stemmed and has a spreading rounded crown. The bark is rough and darker on the mature main stems, and smooth and somewhat shiny on the young stems. Both sometimes have woody spines, but particularly the youn...
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  • Rhus lancea

    Rhus lancea

    Karee, Karee, Mushakaladza, Mošabêlê, Umhlakotshane

    Searsia (=Rhus) lancea is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant tree with a graceful, weeping form. The dark, fissured bark contrasts beautifully with the long, thin, bright, trifoliate leaves. The inconspicuous yellow-green flowers (male and female flowers on separate plants, therefore only fe...
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  • Rhus leptodictya

    Rhus leptodictya

    Mountain Karree, Bergkarree, Mushakaladza, Motšhotlwane

    Rhus leptodictya is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, small, decorative tree with a drooping crown of bright green foliage. The bark on young stems is reddish brown, becoming darker and rougher as the tree matures. The lovely reddish wood is used to make beautiful small pieces of furniture...
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