Ficus sur

Ficus sur

Common Names

Broomcluster Fig (english)
Besemtrosvy (afrikaans)
muhuyu-ngala (venda)
umkhiwane (xhosa)
umkhiwane (zulu)


Genus Ficus
Species sur
SA Plant Number 50
Basionym Ficus sur


Ficus sur is a fairly hardy, semi-deciduous, large tree with smooth grey bark. The thin, leathery leaves are dark almost grey-green and paler green beneath which make the tree shimmer in the wind. In spring the new leaves flush the tree with a beautiful coppery colour.

The figs are borne throughout the year on heavy, long branches off the main stems. The figs are, in fact, inverted flowers which bear tiny seeds on the inside. The sweet, edible, insect-filled fruits attract a myriad of birds to the garden.

It has many traditional and medicinal uses.

Do not plant figs near walls, pools, pipes or paving.

Plant in sum, semi-shade or shade in well-composted soil.

Size: 10 to 35m



The ripe figs attract many fruit and insect eating birds to the garden.



Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape


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