Baphia racemosa

Baphia racemosa

Common Names

Natal Camwood, violet pea (english)
Boskamhout (afrikaans)
uTshuphu (xhosa)
isiFithi (zulu)


Genus Baphia
Species racemosa
SA Plant Number 224
Basionym Baphia racemosa


Baphia racemosa is a hardy, evergreen, quite slow growing shrub or small tree with a dense, rounded crown of dark green, glossy leaves.

It bears sprays of pure white pea-like flowers with a yellow honey-guide spot on the upper petal from August to November. The flowers fill the air with a strong violet scent and attract bees and a whole host of insects to the garden.

It is also the host plant of the Blue-spotted Charaxes and Orange-barred playboy butterflies.

It is an ideal tree for a small garden and should be planted in well-composted soil in shade or semi-shade.

Size 3 to 6m


Nectar plant:

The flowers attract bees and other pollinating insects to the garden with their nectar-rich flowers.

Butterfly host plant:

Host plant of the Blue-spotted Charaxes and Orange-barred Playboy butterflies



Beautiful tree for a small garden. A good tree to plant near swimming pools.


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape


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