Loxostylis alata

Loxostylis alata

Common Names

Tarwood (english)
Teerhout (afrikaans)
Sibara (zulu)


Genus Loxostylis
Species alata
SA Plant Number 365
Basionym Loxostylis alata


Loxostylis alata is a fairly hardy, evergreen, small to medium sized decorative tree with corky grey bark.

It bears sprays of pretty white, scented flowers from October to April. Male and female flowers on separate trees. The sepals of the female flowers enlarge and turn bright red hiding their small dry fruit.

The leaves have a drooping habit and are glossy dark green. The new growth is red and this most attractive small tree bears these beautiful red colours throughout the growing season.

A beautiful small tree for full sun or semi-shade.

The bark and the leaves are used medicinally.

Size 5 to 8 m




KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape


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