Cyperus prolifer

Cyperus prolifer

Common Names

Miniature Papyrus (english)


Genus Cyperus
Species prolifer
SA Plant Number
Basionym Cyperus prolifer


Cyperus prolifer is a hardy, evergreen, small sedge. Each green stem is topped by a cluster of grass-like flower spikelets.

These very decorative stems can be used in flower arrangements. An attractive little plant that is ideal for planting in a small pond or wet area.

Helps to filter and keep water clean and healthy.Will gradually colonise a wet area through the repeated emergence of adventitious shoots.

Plant in sun or semi-shade.

Size: 30 to 40cm



Flowering stems are a beautiful addition to classic and modern flower arrangements

Natural pools - helps to filter water and adds sculptural element to planting

Grey water filtration - a good addition as this plant's roots filter and clean the water

Garden ponds - a decorative element but needs to be cut back and kept in check annually

Coloniser of boggy areas - good addition to boggy areas where it will green up an area fairly rapidly and be aesthetically pleasing


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape

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