Jasminum angulare

Jasminum angulare

Common Names

Wild Jasmine (english)
WIldejasmyn (afrikaans)
umlala (zulu)


Genus Jasminum
Species angulare
SA Plant Number
Basionym Jasminum angulare


Jasminum angulare is a hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant climber with glossy, dark-green, trifoliate leaves.

The clusters of star-shaped, white flowers look velvety and are sweetly-scented, especially at night. 

These wonderful flowers are borne from October to January and attract a whole host of tiny insects. They are followed by decorative black berries that attract birds to the garden.

Used for both medicinal and magical purposes. This is quite a delicate climber that can be trained over arches and along fences and walls. It also grows well in containers.

Use as a climber or as a rounded shrub depending on how it is pruned.Plant close to a patio or window where the wonderful scent when it is in flower can be appreciated.

It takes a little time to settle once planted out, but once it has done so, it grows quite quickly. Flowers add a delicious scent to potpourri.

Regular pruning will keep it in shape and encourage flowering. Plant in sun or semi-shade in compost-rich soil.

Size: Climbs to 4m




KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Free State, Mpumalanga, Western Cape

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