Bulbine inflata

Bulbine inflata

Common Names


Genus Bulbine
Species inflata
SA Plant Number
Basionym Bulbine inflata


Bulbine inflata is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, robust, succulent plant with fleshy leaves forming a basal rosette. Large, sweetly scented, yellow flowers are held in a densely packed head at the end of a flowering stem from October. to February. although, in cultivation, there are some flowers throughout the year.

These are followed by attractive inflated seeds that look like bubbles. Ideal as a rockery or bedding plant in well-drained soil in full sun.

The combination of the plant and Felicia amelloides makes a stunning display for most of the year. They also make a great addition to a grassland garden.

They attract insects and butterflies to the garden.

Size 30 to 40cm




Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal


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